For those that are ready to get their life back in shape!!!

Our mission is to create an environment that is supportive of your goals no matter what stage you are at. We would like to make sure we are a right fit to work together and you feel comfortable here.

We pride ourselves for being different and taking an approach of inspiring people to love their bodies rather than punish themselves with exercise.

So if you want to make some real changes to your diet and develop a solid habit of regular exercise you are in the right place. We promise you will get results you are after and you are in good hands to go level up.

  • So if you are over 40 years of age, live around West Lothian and want to get fitter and leaner we are a good match.
  • If you feel like structured exercise program and better eating habits could get you the body you want and mind that is more peaceful we got things to talk about.
  • If you are determined to nail it this time round and stop this vicious cycle of being too tired for life, please feel free to book your Free Coaching Session.
  • If you feel like you want to become part of this awesome community of people in the same circumstances like you then you should look no further.
  • And just to be really clear we will point out who isn’t a good match (we just want to be fair and honest and save time for people). We promote health, good energy, sustainable results so anyone who wants quick fixes or magic strategies or is full of judgement towards others can stay away, please 🙂
  • We don’t care where you are coming from, but if your way is the way forward, we want to be your trusted partners.
  • No posers, no vanity, no negativity, no comparing, no fear… Only looking forward to brighter tomorrow.
  • We help YOU challenge YOU
  • We help YOU to get YOU fit
  • We help YOU to get YOU lean
  • We help YOU to make YOU confident

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