The next step in your health and fitness journey is an investment in you

There are few options available for you. If you are not sure and you would like to discuss those in more detail we advise you get in touch and ask questions. 

Rationale behind our core 'All You Can Eat PT Gym' model design was/is flexibility, affordability and inclusiveness for all.

Our specialist programs on the other hand vary greatly in structure, delivery methods and hence pricing. Those programs are for creating like minded and laser focused groups of people with similar circumstances and goals to achieve maximum results.

We invite you to take a look and read brief descriptions that are available on this page and get in touch for more info.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

All You Can Eat Gym Membership

What is this? What are the benefits? Who is this for?

  • Choice of 35+ weekly workouts. Plenty of time flexibility.
  • Small groups (up to 5 people). Social and supportive.
  • Qualified personal trainer prepared sessions. Fun and challenging.
  • Lose wight, gain some lean muscle, feel lighter and more energised. Reduce pain.
  • Build positive mindset and clearer thinking. Explore new boundaries.
  • Workouts are most suitable for a beginner and an intermediate exerciser. Someone who is seeking general fitness maintenance or is just looking for a place to start building fitness.
  • Progress at your own pace. Get the support that you need.


  • * We know what you are thinking, there must be a catch somewhere, but I am sorry to disappoint you, there isn't one. All the small print is here, below:
  • And it goes like this... 
  • If you decide to join our gym after visiting us and talking to us, you will have an option of 5 different amounts to chose from for making monthly donations to our gym. Options are: £25, £50, £75, £100 and £125
  • We know you haven't heard of this before and neither have we. At least not in fitness industry. All this comes from our hearts with intention to service all, help all and build stronger community. 
  • There is more information available upon request, but in reality it is as simple as it sounds.
  • You can really train with us as much as you want and you pay us whatever you can afford based upon your commitment, affordability and value that you see in our service. This is our way to say thank you and hand freedom of choice back to you.
  • No one but you and our Direct Debit system will know what is donated, so your privacy is protected at all times.
  • We think this was it, cannot think of anything else to add here...
  • Light. Peace. Love.


12 Week Fitness & Mindset Program

Edvis' signature program

Ten Commandments for the program:

  1. Dads only program. You have to either be one or aspire to be one. Mindset is what matters here.
  2. No nonsense approach. You have to be mentally ready for this program and give it all you can.
  3. All fitness levels are welcome, but be ready to get pushed to your limits. 
  4. 3 PT workouts per week + we will get outside. Functional and challenging routines.
  5. Zero tolerance to absence. You miss workouts, you are out! Morning and evening sessions are available.
  6. Nutrition coaching in easy to follow weekly steps program. Give up dieting, but build better eating habits. 
  7. Very small groups of 3 guys only. Focused, supportive and with 'you win I win' mindset.
  8. We discuss physical health and optimal homeostasis, we talk about mental positivity and better cognitive performance, we share spiritual knowledge and team camaraderie.
  9. Build muscle, change mindset and recreate yourself. This program is much more than just physical fitness side of it.
  10. So if you have hit the wall recently, or you are feeling too busy to look after yourself, or went through some tough challenging time, then I welcome you to my gym. I have been broken and I have healed, so let me help you to do the same.

* Minimum of 12 week commitment. Paid in full or in 3 instalments.

10 Week Special Occasion Waist Trimmer

Whether you have a wedding or a holiday coming up, or just had enough of your old dresses being too small, this is the program for you!

  • Ladies only program run by Dan. Best looking PT in town shares his charisma and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.
  • All fitness levels are welcome. Hard working mindset is required though.
  • Be prepared to make some changes to your habits. The bigger the commitment and energy investment, the better your result will be.
  • Easy to follow nutrition guidance to ensure maximum results for your sweat.
  • Functional fitness workouts filled with sweat and tears. Crazy laughter tears, right?
  • Small group workouts in very focused and supportive environment.
  • This program is very intense and does require you to commit to 4-5 workouts per week.
  • * Subject to availability. Minimum 10 week commitment. Paid in full or 2 instalments.

Metafit, Boxercise and Bootcamp package

More information coming soon...

  • * Subject to availability.