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Everybody wants to be fitter, leaner and more confident. On the other hand, we all have self-doubt, lack of know-how and we often struggle to find the right support we need to achieve our wants.


We bet you are feeling like many of our clients did before they found us - frustrated, confused and overwhelmed. We were once too. When we needed help the most we found it amongst people that surrounded us. We wish to return the favour back to the community that supported us. 

Here at Spiral Fitness Dan and the team would like to invite you to join our growing community of like-minded people that are getting fitter and healthier. We are breaking stereotypes by offering personalised and affordable approach to physical fitness and mindset transformation.

From the day that we started we knew that there is a lot more to healthy lifestyle then just gym membership and ‘one size fits all’ meal plan. We listen to your needs.

We understand that developing skills and habits for a healthier lifestyle will take stepping out of your comfort zone, but we are here to support you.

Our approach and method always was and will be unconditional support and non-judgmental guidance  to allow you to grow and reach your goals.

What do you think you could achieve with a coach that supports you all the way? Even if sometimes it means kicking your bu... glutes, I was going to say.

We offer... 35+ Weekly Small Group Workouts, Metafit classes, Boxercise sessions, Specialist Fitness & Weight Loss Programs, Nutrition Coaching and much more...

We promote sustainable, gradual and lasting change.

We prescribe exercise that is functional to give you strength and is higher intensity to build your energy levels up. Our workouts are challenging, but always fun and at your level of fitness and ability.

Our goal is to help you achieve a body that is leaner, fitter, stronger, more flexible and more alive. A mind that is more positive, clearer thinking and self development-oriented. A soul that is blissful, self loving and compassion radiating 🙂

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