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Everybody wants to be fitter in their 40’s than they have ever been, but we all have self-doubt that’s been put there by stereotyping, ‘moaning masses’ and past experiences of our own.

Your 40's don't have to follow typical beliefs and stereotypes of bad backs, shoulder pain, tiredness and gaining weight. We bet you are feeling like many of our clients did before they found us - frustrated, confused and overwhelmed.

Here at Spiral Fitness Edvis and Daniel invite you to join our growing community of like-minded people and get fit and healthy. Break stereotypes and prove the world that 40s and 50s can be full of energy, joy and confidence for the future.

From the day that we started we knew that there is a lot more to healthy lifestyle then just gym membership and ‘one size fits all’ meal plan.

We understand that developing skills and habits for a healthier lifestyle will take stepping out of your comfort zone, but we are here to support you.

Our approach and method always was and will be unconditional support, non-judgmental guidance and help to allow you to grow and reach your goals.

What do you think you could achieve with top coach that supports all your needs?

As well as 1 to 1 Personal Training we offer Semi-Private Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching.

We promote sustainable, gradual and lasting change. We offer 'Made for You' programs or we can custom build you a plan to suit your needs.

We promote exercise that is functional and high intensity, but always fun and always at your level of fitness and ability.

Our goal is to help you achieve body that is leaner, fitter, stronger, more flexible and more alive. 

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